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« Static » website

An ideal website for all the classic uses that you can expect from your web page. You choose the content you want to display on your website and we lay it out.

« Dynamic » website

The perfect and flexible solution for all those who expect advanced features: interacting with the visitor, modifying the content of the website oneself, accounts management, etc.

Website on demand

Whether you want to launch an e-commerce website or just make yourself visible on social networks, we meet all of your web needs with tailored solutions.



As Internet community lovers, we give our customers expertise and support for a better visibility on the Internet. At boxWeb each customer is in contact with a single person to ensure efficient project management.

Since we live in the daily constraints of independent, small and medium-sized companies, startups, our team offers you solutions tailored to your needs. Meetings are held at the most appropriate time for you (end of day and also weekend). our mission is to concretize your projects from A to Z!

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